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We feel so grateful that the traders featured in the book were brutally honest, revealing far more than we ever thought they would. Traders like Tim Grittani (@kroyrunner89), who has turned $1,500 into nearly $11 Million, Gregg Sciabica (@lx21), who has made over $10 Million, Bao Nguyen (@modern_rock), Nathan Michaud (@investorslive), Phil Goedeker (@Philgoedeker1), John Welsh (@johnwelshtrades), Michele Koenig (@offshorehunters), Eric Wood (@elkwood66), and more! All of them have made millions in the market!  

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Tips, Tricks, & Strategies from Ten Top Traders

Momo Traders features extensive interviews with ten top day traders and swing traders who started where you are and now make a great living—some even becoming rich. They weren’t given a leg up, they didn’t start with millions, and they don’t manage billion-dollar hedge funds. They battle the market day in and day out—just like you—and


Foreword by esteemed trading psychologist and author of The Daily Trading Coach, Brett Steenbarger!



Delve inside the minds of successful traders as they break down their trading history & explain the steps they took to get where they are now.


Understand the methodology that has enabled these traders to prosper in a hyper-competitive industry where most only dream of success.


Discover the high-probability setups that these successful traders utilize to take profits from the market day in and day out.


Learn how to limit your exposure to unnecessary, protect your capital, and grow your account in a safe and efficient manner.


Brady Dahl is a trader, entrepreneur, and writer best known for his work on the first four seasons of the FX hit show Sons of Anarchy. Trading since 2008, he is fascinated with the speed of the industry and the voracity of its players. He currently resides in Minnesota, where he can be found raising a family, writing film and television screenplays, staring at stock charts, or at the lake. Connect at or @MiltonaTrades.


Nate originally founded the Investors Underground community in 2008 with the goal of creating the top trading service on the web. This service, fueled by Nate’s 10+ years experience trading equities (both Nasdaq and OTC), has become a “must follow” in the trading community. Nate is well known for his unique ability to read points of inflection & exhaustion in momo stocks, making him a “go-to” guy in the world of day trading.


“…one of the most practical and real trading books I’ve encountered in a long time… It’s refreshing to hear real traders talk candidly about their paths to success.”

-Brett Steenbarger, Author of The Daily Trading Coach

“I have read hundreds of trading books, and Momo Traders is a must-read. Great questions. Answers that provoke thinking and stimulate endless what-ifs. So good in fact that it will be a key reading resource in our educational offerings.”

– Terry Liberman,